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Blogtober, Day 12: Shallow

Nathan and Jane shared one class. History with Mr. Hays, who was nice but dry. Usually, they spent the class passing notes back and forth and today was no exception. Nathan didn’t mind, but it was kind of annoying the way Jane insisted on folding her notes each time. It created unnecessary work.

J: Do you think I’m shallow, babe?

N: No. Why would you ask me that?

J: Lori called me shallow this morning. Hurt my feelings.

N: Don’t listen to her. You’re not shallow.

Nathan knew he wasn’t being as supportive as he should, but his mind wasn’t on the day’s note-passing. All he could think about was his mom and Archie at home alone with something in the woods. He stared out the classroom window. The snow had yet to melt. Icicles clung to the awning. A light slap on his arm from Jane startled him.

“Is there a problem?” Mr. Hays asked them. That was about as aggressive as he got.

“No, sir,” Nathan said. “Sorry.”

Jane glared at him to open his note.

J: I wanna come over tonight.

He shook his head at her. She pouted and reached for the note and added another line.

J: YES! Let’s hang out. We can rent a movie.

Nathan knew spending some time with Jane would be an escape from all that was happening, but he couldn’t stop thinking about Susan Carpenter and the light and whatever he saw last night. He shrugged and that was enough of a yes for Jane.

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