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Blogtober, Day 18: Enchanted

A few weeks had passed since Susan Carpenter visited Nathan. Media coverage waned. He didn’t see her story on television as much. The pranksters slowed their activity to the occasional ding-dong-ditch or an egg on the house. Perhaps the world was no longer enchanted by the story of Susan Carpenter. Nathan still had questions, though. He couldn’t shake the image of the figure in his window. The sight of Archie standing at the edge of the woods facing that ominous light dominated his dreams on those nights he actually managed to fall asleep. His parents seemed content with moving on, too. And Archie. He never spoke about that night Nathan found him facing the light. It was as if the only one who had this memory at all was Nathan. It was starting to affect his relationship with Jane.

“Do you think I don’t notice?” she asked him one day in class. “You are obsessed. You are, like, the only person who still talks about her.”

“Alright, look.” Nathan decided he needed to tell her what was bugging him. “There is a reason this is driving me crazy. Frankly, it has scared the shit out of me.”

“What do you mean, babe?”

So, he told her about Archie and the light and the figure. He choked back emotion as he shared about the figure in the window, the terror still fresh in his mind.

“That sounds like a gray alien,” Jane said.

“A what?”

“We need to explore those woods,” she said.

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