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Blogtober, Day 5

Word of the day: Joke

The chair was upstairs with some other ragged furniture that folks had discarded. It stood out among the other pieces that could not be considered antiques. Just because something is old that doesn’t mean it is valuable. Marty knew this. That is why he carefully passed over certain pieces on these weekend treasure hunts he and his wife Leslie embarked on every weekend. He dug through the old vinyl collections scattered about in boxes in search of something to add to the collection or the random unexpected find that he can snatch up, like the Leif Garrett album he bought Leslie for her birthday as a joke. Leslie rummaged for old furniture that she can restore, which is how she found the chair made of cherry wood.

“Oh my god.” She showed Marty the price tag. “This piece is worth so much more than this. I don’t think they realize what they have.”

“It’s shaped funny.” He pointed to the way the square seat was situated diagonally. The three legs at the sides and back rose past the seat to become part of the back back and arm support, ending a curved tail.

“It’s a corner chair. It could slide into that spot next to that buffet table we inherited from your mom.”

Marty shrugged in acquiescence. No need in discussing. Leslie’s eyes told him the chair was coming home with him. Besides, a quick agreement let him get back to the vinyl.

And it was some old chair, anyway.

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