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Cincinnati Chili: Treasure

Grover spilled his guts. He assumed there was no point in trying to lie about anything. He why Reggie Marsh wanted to talk to him in the first place. Why lie? He assumed he was about to be fired anyway and now he felt a sense of purpose he had never before known. He told her all about Gwen and Legend and the Herpezoids and awaited her response. Dr. Marsh had a look of a pirate who just learned their treasure had been given to orphans.

“So, you’re saying you actually saw a Herpezoid transform into a human after consuming the chili?”

Grover nodded.


Dr. Marsh stood and walked and peered out of the clear Plexiglas wall of the conference room. A group of people from some other department in the building passed by, saw her, and waved. She waved back with a wide, warm smile before turning back to Grover.

“You violated Corporate policy and our Code of Conduct, Grover. You entered a secure area without proper clearance, stole top secret Corporate intel, and distributed it to an entity outside Corporate.”

“Technically,” Grover replied, “I had proper clearance because of the Rube Goldberg Protocols. I just wasn’t supposed to have it.”

“You’re clever.”

“Am I fired? Should I just go now?”

Dr. Marsh settled once again into the chair across from him. “Oh, no. We’re not releasing you. You’ve seen things.”

Grover swallowed hard and his stomach knotted. He didn’t like the sound of that sentence.

“Grover, you’re getting a new job with us. You’re coming to work for me. You’re going to be my new Product Integration Consultant.”

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