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Favorite Songs of the 2010s: #7

7. "Follow Your Arrow," Kacey Musgraves (2013)

Same Trailer, Different Park is one of my favorite albums, period, regardless of decade. It's a collection of short stories about small town life that displays some of the best songwriting I've heard in a while. Kacey Musgraves knows how to play with words and phrases in a way few country songwriters today can. Every track is a gem, but "Follow Your Arrow" is the best.

This ode to non-conformist behavior is unlike anything you'll hear on country radio, which seems averse to playing female artists. "Follow Your Arrow" is a middle finger to those who will judge you no matter what. You can't please 'em. You can't beat 'em. So, to hell with 'em. Live your life. The song also ventures into territory most country songs today won't (kiss lots of boys/or kiss lot of girls/if that's something you're into). I've grown frustrated with country music this decade with its emphasis on generic tropes and pandering references. A few songs will go against this grain like "Girl Crush" by Little Big Town." But, Same Trailer, Different Park and especially "Follow Your Arrow" are rays of sunshine breaking through a mostly overcast sky.


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