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From the back cover:

Normal teenagers flip burgers to earn extra cash in high school. I am not a normal teenager.​

My name is Tony Pershing and I broke up with my girlfriend just before prom because I was worried my job monitoring a mysterious portal to space for an enigmatic company named Corporate would put her in danger. In other words, I suck at making decisions. My best friend and Corporate co-worker is Jeff Harper, who is obsessed with the music of Styx and his 1976 Chevy Vega. He got sucked through the portal on prom night and now, armed with an arsenal of bizarre weapons and a mild case of PTSD, I've got to find out what happened to him. 

I also have to deal with a sudden and random ability to spout off information I never knew and a neurotic alien real estate developer bent on turning Earth into a resort planet. 

Remember this the next time you think you're having a bad day.

I did not write a book titled The Gray Raven and I'm not Eduard Miller. That's just part of the template Wix provided for building my site. It's a great title, though, isn't it? I wish I had a novel titled The Gray Raven. What would it be about? Why is the raven gray? Do the other ravens make fun of him for being gray? I bet they do. In writing, that's called conflict. You don't have a story with out it. I wonder what the raven's name is. A character's name is an important decision. As a writer, you pick a name for your character as a way of defining who they are. I'd name the gray raven Jerry. I don't know why. He just looks like a Jerry.

Also, who the hell is Eduard Miller? I dunno, but I wish he'd not advertise his book on my website.

Here is he again! Eduard Miller shilling another of his novels. The World is Beautiful? But, the cover depicts a foggy forest. Is that beautiful? Or, is he being ironic? That's just like Eduard to be so vague and contradictory while trying to pitch it as some profound artistic statement. Ugh. How pretentious can you get? I'm going to have to write two more novels now just so Eduard can't peddle his drivel here. One of those will totally be The Gray Raven, though, because that is a great title.

My self-published novel, Kilroy Was Here, is almost here. 

Kilroy Was Here tells the story of Tony Pershing, a high school senior who works as an intern for a mysterious company known only as Corporate. He and his best friend Jeff Harper guard a portal to space over a river through the hometown. On prom night, Jeff and his girlfriend Leigh Ann are sucked through the portal when it is breached by an egomaniacal alien real estate developer with a penchant for haikus.  

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