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Indie authors rely heavily on word-of-mouth and online reviews and ratings to gain more exposure for their work. If you've read KILROY WAS HERE, please leave a rating and review at Amazon, Barnes & Noble, and Goodreads. Below are some brief snippets of what readers are saying about KILROY WAS HERE:
"Different and fresh."
-Catherine S.
"Consistently funny throughtout..."
-Mark S.
"A fun ride."
-Steve W.
"...a fantastic ride."
-Stacy B.
"I was smiling at every page."
Casie B.
"Humor was out of this world."
-Gwynne E.
"A very funny book."
-Angela M.
"This is one I am happy to recommend to my friends..."
-Dorothy D.
"A fun romp through space and high school. Douglas Adams' 'Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy' meets a John Hughes teen movie."
-Carl M.
"There's a kind of sly whimsy and sharp snark..."
-Travis B.
"South has created an imaginative world where fighting aliens involves some of the most inventive, humane, and entertaining weapons, a world where the awkwardness of teenage love is palpable in knee-melting kisses, a world where people still drive Chevy Vegas, a world where alien masterminds become puddles of forlorn, brokenhearted heart-flutters."
-Steve L.
"Jeff is just funny. This novel is just funny."
-Jill S.
"Honestly, it's one of the wackiest books I've ever read."
-Rena K.
"This book would make a great cult classic."
-Jamie S.
"This book was fun, fast-paced, and extremely entertaining."
-John K.
"Jeff's writing smacks you awake because you have to pay attention so you won't miss anything he has to say."
-Deb F.
"A great, creative, and funny story..."
Steve R.
"It's a feel-good read, with enough mystery and intrigue to keep your attention."
Carrie D.
"This book is so very funny and entertaining. A great light-hearted comedic escape to a world of interdimensional travel, sci-fi technology and weaponry, beater cars, and, of course, romance."
Kelly S.
"A fun take on sci-fi with plenty of twists to keep you interested."
Cynthia B.
"I loved it!"
Heather F.
"Very entertaining!"
Sara C.
" A very good book."
Mina D.
"I'm not sure where to begin with what is great about this book. The humor in this book with sarcasm, wit, and comeback by the characters, the well laid out plot, or the fun sci-fi plot aspects. You won't be disappointed in this book."
Kristin D.
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