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Blogtober 2020, Day 2

Word of the day: Vault

Her heart is a vault

Concrete, steel reinforced walls


Her heart is a safe

Guarded, secure, locked up tight

So few have access

She withdraws within

Locked away, secluded

Fortress surrounding

No one can enter

No affection is withdrawn

No love deposits

It’s better this way

No withdrawals, no deposits

No pain, no heartache

Some attempt access

No combination is shared

Leave empty-handed

Does she dare open up?

Let someone enter inside

Where guarded love lies?

Too many wanted

Withdrawals only, leaving no

Deposits behind

Nearly depleted

She longed to be replenished

Coffers filled again

But robbers waited

Eager only to pilfer

What little remained within

Once, she succumbed

The combination given

Trusting just this once

She offered riches

The treasure of her love

Her trust, all of her

He promised no harm

The bounty would stay with her

She shared freely

The door left open

He snuck away with it all

Nothing left behind

No deposits here

Only withdrawals, emptiness

The safe closed again

Her heart is a vault

Concrete, steel reinforced walls


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