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Blogtober 2021: Bone


A running non-exhaustive list of the paranormal activity I've experienced so far this month:

  • Weird noises and shuffling across the floor

  • Demon face in the mirror

  • Mysterious message on my laptop

  • A voice that says "There are no good things."

A running non-exhaustive list of reasons why it's happening:

  • I'm experiencing high levels of emotional stress

  • I'm going through "the change."

A running non-exhaustive list of emotional stress I'm currently aware of:

  • ...

"Are you sure there's not something bothering you?" Sandy asks. I put down the book I'm pretending read.

"I've been through this. Why do you think something is bothering me?"

"You're snippy and every time I point something out you make it sound like I have a bone to pick with you."

"I don't think you have a bone to pick with me. I'm fine. Really."

My sigh is the only sound between us for several seconds before she adds, "I don't believe you. Something is bothering you. Something is going on. And I think if you deal with that then maybe your poltergeist problem will go away."

I shrug and go back to fake reading. What possible stress - emotional or otherwise - could I be hanging onto that it would manifest a poltergeist? What am I keeping in that would cause some entity or energy to -


I look up. The office is directly above our bedroom and it sounds as though someone or something has moved across the floor. The movement of the sound goes from the desk to the closed door.

"You sure there's not bone to pick?" she asks.

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