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Blogtober 2021: Dice


Maybe we should move. Every time I watch a haunted house movie or a paranormal investigation show about someone's house being possessed, I always comment that I would just move. Why stay somewhere I'm clearly not welcome? Why continue living in a house plagued with strange noises, creepy shadows, and disembodied voices. Not to mention something that will mess with your shit, like leaving ominous messages on your laptop. That's why one is supposed to lock their computer when they step away even for a second. You don't know want some random yahoo walking by and getting into your PowerPoint presentation. Of course, one never suspects a poltergeist, do they? So, yes, moving is on the table. Just roll the dice and see what the market will bring us for our house. Would it be unethical to omit the haunting in the listing? What if moving doesn't solve the problem? Is it possible that where I go, the poltergeist follows?

Internet search: can a poltergeist change houses?

Nothing turns up. Just the usual stuff I've found about '10 things to know about poltergeists' or other similar results. Maybe it's time to call in a professional.

Internet search: Tulsa area paranormal investigators

A website about five options down on the search results catches my eye. The link leads to the online home of Rowan and Wanda Nassau Investigations. The homepage features a couple, maybe in their early 30s, with inviting smiles and matching beanies. A contact option on their menu leads me to an online form to fill out, so I send them this message:

Hello. I'm hoping you can help me with a hypothetical question. Is a poltergeist contained on a single location? If someone moved out of their home, would the poltergeist follow or must it stay in the home?

Several tortuous seconds pass without a response so I step away from my laptop and try to busy myself with the menial task of unloading the dishwasher. A faint knocking comes from the dining room area and since that is close to front door I wonder if someone is here. Daisy barks and trots toward the direction of the knocking, as she often does, but she stands at the base of the stairs and looks up toward my closed office door. Another knock from within it causes Daisy to whimper and my stomach to leap to my throat. I need to deal with this. Something on the other side of that door is causing the knock and, as much as it terrifies me, it needs to be investigated. I wonder if perhaps our cat Scooter is shut in there and needs out. He will surely piss on something if he is in there too long. Convinced this is the issue, I bound up the stairs, draw a breath of courage, and open the door.

No cat.

Nothing present.

The only activity is the rising of my sit/stand desk from the sit to stand position.

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