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The Nassaus finally responded:

A poltergeist can be attached to a person, place or object. So yes a poltergeist can move around if attached to a person or object.

ME: Why might one attach itself to a person?

NASSAUS: Usually they're attached to an adolescent. There are no scientific studies done on the subject so it's hard to say why. One theory is they are attracted to their energy for one reason or another.


"Attached to their energy." What the hell does that mean? What possible energy do I possess that would attract this? I'm a laid back guy. I go to work. Do my job. Pay my bills. Enjoy binge-watching shows with my wife. Simple. A week ago my therapist said perhaps emotional stress was behind this phenomenon. I don't think I have any emotional stress. In fact, I kind of pride myself on that. Having a poltergeist is stressful, however. Why is is it here? What does it want? What exactly is it? Am I going to wake up to an 18th century girl in bloody wedding dress standing over my bed?


Internet search: why does a poltergeist haunt someone?

Some ghost hunters believe poltergeists are the emotions of troubled individuals during times of stress, known as Spontaneous Recurring Psychokinesis. Others believe these are the spirits of the dead that cause the poltergeist activity. It has been said the entity is intelligent and has meaningful communication.

I don't like where this going.


"I have a theory about your poltergeist," my wife says during another bedtime conversation.

"Do we have to go over it right at bedtime?"

"On one of the paranormal shows I watch, they talk about the spirits of others who used to live in the house that might be causing the trouble. So, maybe someone was murdered or died a horrible death. Maybe that's what causing it all."

"You think someone who died in the house is feeding off my supposed emotional stress?"

"Could be."

Internet search: how to find out who lived in your house before you

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