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Blogtober 2021: Eyes


Now, my other monitor is going out. Fan-freaking-tastic.

Everything was working fine. I came upstairs to check some email while Sandy was shopping. Normally, working on a Sunday isn't something I do, but I needed to catch up on a couple of things. The big screen to my left, which was such a relief to my middle-aged eyes, fritzed and shorted and filled with staticky greens, blues, yellows, and reds. Two monitors down in less than a week. If a troublesome energy is what I'm dealing with, then it's living up to its reputation.

I think about that old monitor in the attic at the end of the hall and weigh my options. I could very easily go down there, fetch the monitor out, and have a rudimentary setup for work tomorrow or I could run to Target and see what kind of deal I can get on a monitor. I shut off my laptop, disconnect all cables to the existing two crapped out devices, and decide, once again, that this is my house and I'm not going to get freaked out here. I walk down the hall with purpose and determination and turn the knob. I pull the door open a couple of inches before it is jerked out of my hand and slammed shut. I try once more with the same result. A couple of inches open before it slams shut again.

Some kind of suction caused a draft, right? That's what it has to be.

A beep from the office pulls me away from the attic. I step back into the office and around my sit/stand desk. The login screen on my laptop flashes.

I must've rebooted it rather than simply turning it off, right? That's what it has to be.

I reach down and hold the power button until the screen goes blank. Then, return to the attic door and reach for the knob when a whisper from the other side stops me cold.

"There are no good things."

I run toward the stairs, breathless and shaking. Once I reach our living room, I stop and pick up my wallet keys before pulling out my phone and finding its web browser.

Internet search: shop for computer monitor

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