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Blogtober 2021: Fireflies


I have until Wednesday to either rid our house of this poltergeist, sell the house and move out, or just learn to love having a troublesome spirit hanging out in our upstairs. None of three options are inspiring. Moving, of course, is out of the question. That leaves cleansing the spirit or accepting it. The house is quiet right now and Sandy is grocery shopping, so I'm in the office researching the possibilities as a Huey Lewis album plays on the turntable on the bookshelf.

In order to put an end to the activity, the most logical and most helpful solution for the agent is to first assume it is a recurrent spontaneous psychokinesis manifestation, which statistically is most likely the cause. To do this, a psychological evaluation and counseling is mandatory. Once the underlying emotions are identified and dealt with, the paranormal activity will usually cease. In fact, just convincing the agent that they are the cause of the disturbances can put an immediate end to them in some cases. True poltergeist activity is self-limiting, and three weeks to 18 months maximum is the usual duration of activity anyway.

That doesn't sound appealing at all. This is the second time I've encountered the term recurrent spontaneous psychokinesis. Apparently, this is the ability to move objects with the mind as way to express pent up emotions or stress without fear of judgment. Honestly? That sounds kind of cool. Using subconscious stress and emotional withdrawal to move objects and manifest a spirit would be like having superpowers. I'd be one of the X-Men.

Side one of the Huey Lewis album finishes and all is quiet once more.

Having the agent confront the entity also can immediately banish it. A command to leave, backed by true courage and conviction.

True courage isn't something that comes naturally to me and I have a hard time with confrontation. I don't even like sending my food back at restaurants because I don't want to upset anyone. The thought of confronting this thing in a forceful manner is an endeavor fraught with peril and, I would imagine, only exacerbate the supposed stress deep inside me, thus making the paranormal activity worse.

True poltergeist activity is self-limiting, and three weeks to18 months maximum is the usual duration of activity anyway.

Three weeks? I could ride this out. 18 months? Hell, maybe by then I could learn to appreciate this poltergeist the way I do a delicious pizza or a fireflies on a summer evening.

The sound of a needle dropping on a record and the pop and static of it playing catches my breath. "Doing It All For My Baby" begins to play all on its own, which does absolutely nothing to instill me with true courage.

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