• Jeff South

Blogtober, Day 20

Word of the day: Thunder

Leslie came home for lunch to surprise her husband with some afternoon delight since Mason was at school. A steady rain had been falling all morning with occasional rumbles of thunder from a light autumn storm. It was the perfect day to crawl in bed and do what couples do under the covers on rainy afternoons. The fact that she would be luring him away from work heightened the arousal. Coming home to an empty house was a mood killer.

Where are you? She texted him.

Perhaps a cup of coffee would suffice, so she made a cup using her Keurig and wandered into the dining room to sip and lament a missed opportunity. She will tell Marty later it was his loss, for sure. The warmth of the coffee soothed her enough to distract her, so she sat in silence at the dining room table and listened to the storm. She closed her eyes and let the coffee do its job. Oh, how she loved rainy days in autumn. But, it wasn’t working. Not really. She was agitated, frustrated. Where was her husband? She checked her phone only to find no response yet.

A creak interrupted her inner monologue. It was the kind of sound one normally passes off as a house settling. A second creak followed by a third. Like someone shifting in a chair.

The chair.

Leslie stood and moved toward her flea market find and admired her handiwork. A satisfied smile spread across her face.

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