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Blogtober, Day 20: Joyous

“I’m so glad you’re here!” Susan’s voice sounded practically joyous. “You must be Jane.”

She hugged Jane with a tight squeeze and extended her hand to Nathan who backed away.

“What is going on here?” he whispered. That he was able to speak at all amazed him because this terror was exactly what he felt that night the face appeared in his window. He spun slowly around to keep the two grays in his sight. They hadn’t moved. Their solid black eyes gazed at him.

“We want you to come with us!” Susan released Jane from the hug and walked toward the two grays. “We wish to know you.”

“Jane!” cried Nathan. “Run!”

The pair turned and sprinted back toward the opening to the woods. Nathan gripped Jane’s hand, practically dragging her behind him.

“Nathan, slow down! You’re hurting my arm!”

He pressed on. All he could think was that he needed to save them both. Get them out of these woods. He didn’t know what would come next. All that mattered was now. He could see the light from the open yard ahead, but something jerked Jane from his grip and he stumbled to the hard ground. He spun on his hands and knees to find Jane levitating several feet above the ground. Some invisible force suspended her there, her face frozen with fear.

He looked past his girlfriend to see Susan standing between the two grays, each of them with arms extended as if tethered to the floating Jane.

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