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Blogtober, Day 21: Diabolical

Jane could not speak. That was clear to Nathan. She opened her mouth but only choking sounds came out. Nathan wanted to fight, to rescue her but hadn’t a clue how to do that. Adrenaline coursed through his veins and his heart threatened to explode out of chest. The two grays maintained their invisible hold on the girl while Susan wore a peaceful expression. She walked to Nathan and locked her eyes on his. Nathan wondered how someone so innocent looking could now seem so diabolical.

“What are you?” Nathan asked her. “What do you want with us? Let her go. Let us go.”

“I am who I have always been,” she said, though Nathan did not understand.

“Please don’t hurt her,” he said.

“Hurt her?” Susan almost sounded offended. “We intend nothing of the sort.” She turned to the grays and gestured for them to release Jane. They lowered her to the ground, released their grip, and she collapsed, unresponsive. Nathan ran to Jane and pulled him to her.

“What did you do?” Nathan’s mix of anger and terror was palpable. He could taste it. “Is she hurt?”

“I told you,” Susan replied. “We mean no harm.”

“Aren’t they the ones who took you?” Nathan pointed at the grays. “You said they were still here and they wanted to hurt us.”

Susan looked back at the grays again and then to Nathan.

“They are the ones who took me,” she said, “but they are not the ones you should fear.”

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