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Blogtober, Day 24: Loathsome

Nathan’s parents eyed one another with unease. The tension in the room tightened and the air was thick with awkward silence. Nathan’s pulse throbbed in his temples. Archie ducked out of the room.

“We wanted to ask you the same thing,” Nathan’s mom said. “Jane’s parents told us they haven’t seen her since she came to see you. She was in the woods with you. What happened to her? Where is she?”

“You can tell us anything, son,” his dad said and Nathan didn’t know how to take that. Had they thought he had harmed her in some way? Did they think he was capable of something awful and loathsome? Nathan sipped his water to buy some time and collect his thoughts. The prospect of relaying to his parents that Nathan was abducted by Susan Carpenter and the two little gray men seemed daunting. No way they would believe him.

“Nathan?” His mom searched his eyes and he could feel them filling with tears. He was scared for Jane and for himself.

“Son, her parents are worried sick and they have a lot of questions. Anything you can tell us would be helpful. The sheriff is wanting to question you, too.”

Nathan’s mom wiped a tear from his check. The warmth of her hand soothed him but not enough for him to formulate a story. He didn’t want to lie but the truth would sound like one anyway.

“I don’t know where Jane is,” he said and that was close enough to the truth for now.

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