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Blogtober Day 26: Exquisite

“We have to go find her,” Archie said. “We have to go to the light.”

“What do you know about the light?” Nathan asked. “What did you see that night?”

“I saw the little people,” Archie said. “And they came into my room one night, too.”

This news from his little brother shook Nathan. He rushed to him and closed the bedroom door.

“What do you mean, they came into your room?” he asked.

“They stood next to my bed, but I wasn’t scared. Not at all. I don’t think they meant to hurt me and I don’t think they want to hurt Jane.”

“That’s not what it looked like in the woods,” Nathan said. “The whole thing scared the shit out of me. I want to find her. Bring her back. But how do we do that? How do we find the light?”

“The light calls to us,” Archie said and pointed to Nathan’s bedroom window. Nathan turned and inched toward the curtains, unsure of what might be behind them.

“It’s okay,” Archie said. “Don’t be scared.”

Nathan eased the curtain back. An exquisite glow emanated from the trees beyond. Soft, warm, and inviting. Like a cozy fire on a frigid night. Nathan stopped breathing for several seconds, unable to comprehend what was happening.

“We need to go to it,” said Archie. “Before the others arrive.”

“Others?” Nathan asked. “What others?”

“We need to go.”

“What others? What are you talking about?”

The front doorbell rang from downstairs.

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