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Blogtober Day 27: Inspire

They heard men downstairs speaking with their parents. Only snippets of conversation could be made out. The voices were tense and argumentative.

“What is this about?” Dad asked.

“No, you cannot speak with our son.” Mom said.

Archie raised the bedroom window. Cold air rushed in and shiver gripped Nathan’s spine.

“We need to go,” Archie said to Nathan. “Now.”

“How do you know that?” Nathan asked. “Who are those men?”

“The grays told me they’re bad men.” Archie climbed out the window and reached for the trellis running up the side of the house. “Come on.”

Footsteps echoed up the stairwell mixed shouts from their parents, pleading with the men once again to stop and stay away from the boys.

“I’m calling the sheriff!” Mom shouted.

Nathan raced to the window and looked out across the yard toward the light. A figure emerged from the woods and walked out into the field. He recognized the figure in an instant as Jane. The sight of her was all it took to inspire him to scramble out of the window and down the trellis. The men who had invaded their home spilled into the bedroom just as Nathan landed in the snow with Archie. Nathan glanced up. A man in a black suit peered down at him as Archie sprinted across the yard, calling to his brother.

“Come on, Nathan!”

“Stop!” the man called out. “Don’t go out there!”

Two grays joined Jane in the field. A second man ran after the boys. A gunshot rang out.

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