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Blogtober Day 29: Provoke

Nathan couldn’t fathom what would provoke such an attack by those men. They shot his brother who was now deep in the woods inside the warm amber glow of the mysterious light. Susan led them there. Nathan simultaneously begged her to heal Archie and demanded to know where they were.

“We are inside their vessel,” Susan said, pointing to the grays as they attended Archie. He lay on a levitating table surrounded by soft white light. “This is where they brought me fifteen years ago. This is where they healed me and gave me my gifts. It’s what they did for Jane. It’s what they will do for Archie.”

“Who are those men?” Nathan asked.

“They don’t understand us,” Susan said. “They seek to harm that which they do not understand. That is how it has always been.”

“What are they going to do to Archie?”

“Heal him. Give him his gift.”

“What gift?” Nathan asked.

“It is something that is already inside so many of us,” Jane added. “I didn’t know it until they brought me here.”

“Is it in me?” Nathan asked. The girls replied with a gentle shaking of their heads.

“We have to go,” Susan said, “but you can’t come with us. I am sorry.”

“What do you mean? Go where?” Panic gripped Nathan and he rushed to his brother’s sides, tears welling and spilling down his cheeks. “You have to take me.”

“I can’t,” Susan said. “It isn’t your time. It is Archie’s.”

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