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Favorite Songs of 2010s: #6

6. "Dancing's Not A Crime," Panic! At The Disco (2018)

HIgh school dances for me were about the dancing. I went to every dance I could and started as soon as the first song started and didn't stop until the last song played. I paid my admission, so I planned on getting my money's worth. Pretty sure some folks disn't quite know what to make of that, but I didn't care. I was there to dance. If I had been Kevin Bacon's character in Footloose, I would've taken the same course of action and made damn sure that backwards town repealed its stupid rule about dancing. Because dancing is not a crime.

"Dancing's Not A Crime" is song after my own heart because it's all about a guy who loves to dance even if it embarrasses his friends. It takes my right back to those days in the 80s when I boogie-oogie-oogied (which is a 70s reference). This song sounds like it could've been released in 1985 and I would've screamed in excitement when the DJ played it at whatever dance or party I was attending. I am sure I would've bought the 45 record of it and added it to a mix tape.

I love hook of the chorus and the horn section that plays throughout. This is a big, theatrical production of a song that gets me moving.

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