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Favorite Songs of the 2010s: #10

10. "My Songs Know What You Did In The Dark," Fallout Boy (2013)

How do you sleep at night when someone tells you their songs know what you did in the dark? I mean, are we ever more vulnerable than when we're in the dark? Personally, I'm afraid of the dark and even the slightest unfamiliar noise can keep me awake for hours. Investigating the noise is not an option because I watch movies and I know how that plays out. You creep through your own home - a place where you're supposed to be safe and secure - hunting for the source of the creepy noise. A cat jumps out at you and you jump. It's your cat. Stupid cat. You laugh in relief and at your own foolishness. Then, once that false sense of security sets in, you move to return to bed only to be greeted by dark hooded figure who plunges a large knife into your chest. Insult adds to fatal injury when you realize this is a knife from your kitchen because apparently the bastard was too lazy to bring his own knife. No, I'm staying bed and pull the covers over my head creating a cloak of invisibiility. The would-be assailant would then enter my room, see nothing, and walk away disappointed. And he better make damn sure he puts that knife back where he got it.

Anyway, this is a cool song.

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