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Favorite Songs of the 2010s: #11

11. "Stronger (What Doesn't Kill You)," Kelly Clarkson (2012)

If what Kelly Clarkson says is true, then Cap'n Crunch has not killed me, so therefore it's making me stronger. Yeah, Cap'n Crunch!

I try to workout. We have an onsite fitness center in my office building and I pay a monthy membership fee for the privilege of saying I belong to something I don't use all that often. My wife joined a gym earlier this year and I accompany her sometimes when she goes. I've been to her gym more than my own. I simply don't enjoy exercise that isn't related to playing a game. I used to play softball or pickup games of basketball or football, but haven't done that in the four years since losing sight in my left eye. Trying to catch a ball when you don't have depth perception is a daunting task. But, as I sit here eating the first of many helpings of homemade Chex Party Mix I will consume this Thanksgiving week, I recognize the need for regular exercise in my life. I have a grandson now, I want to be around for a while to enjoy him. So, I am trying to workout more. And by trying, I mean I think a lot about the importance of regular exercise and then imagine how much healthier I would be and how much better I would look after committing to a workout pla n. Then, I realize I've spent so much time thinking about it that the day has gotten away from me and, well, I need to get a couple of things done like avoiding my three current works in progress and read fan theories about Riverdale.

I have a playlist to listen to while I'm working out. I titled it Workout Avoidance. Kelly Clarkson's "Stronger" is included on it and it makes for the perfect song when you're thinking about giving up on that last mile on the elliptical or you don't think you can possibly do another round on a weight machine.

I also listen to this song while I am eating the Cap'n Crunch that keeps making me stronger.

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