• Jeff South

Favorite Songs of the 2010s: #3

3. "Howling at Nothing," Nathaniel Rateliffe and the Night Sweats (2015)

First of all, Nathaniel Rateliffe and the Night Sweats is an awesome name for a band. It is a name that befits their blues/rock/soul sound. A friend turned me onto them when their eponymous debut album was released in 2015, which is one of my favorites of this decade. I also like their 2018 release, Tearing at the Seams. Both albums are bluesy rock and soul gems sung by a gravel-voiced crooner. I'm a huge fan of this group.

Of all their songs, though, "Howling at Nothing" is the one I listen to on repeat. Have you ever danced while you sat in a chair? "Howling at Nothing" is the kind of song that will make you do that. Pour yourself a good drink, smoke if yo got 'em, and recline back. Let this song play and you sway head and shoulders back and forth. This tune sounds like good whiskey tastes. Smooth. Warm. Just the right amount of burn.

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