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KILROY WAS HERE, Another Excerpt

A couple of months ago I posted an excerpt from KILROY WAS HERE, so I thought I'd share another one. This short passage, a simple paragraph, is one of my very favorites in the book. It captures the main character's voice and is an example of one of the core themes of the book: life can be overwhelming at times when we step to take it all in. I also think it's funny. Enjoy.

Why am I here?

I'm not asking because I've been repeatedly shooting myself with the Existential Crisis Inducer. This time I'm asking in the metaphysical, meaning-of-life way. Is this the moment my life has been leading to? Does God exists and did He/She/They determine my life path before I was ever born? If so, then God knew before the creation of everything that I would be sitting in a 1969 VW Bus with my best friend preparing to raid the headquarters of a mysterious private company which specializes in the protection of an intergalactic portal so we can rescue our co-worker and prevent spider-like artificial intelligence called Araneae from being unleashed on my unsuspecting hometown. If I'm to believe in a benevolent higher power, then I'm also to believe He/She/They preordained all of this. Those are a lot of moving parts for one kid's life.

You can get your own copy of KILROY WAS HERE by going to Amazon, where it's available in paperback or Kindle form. It's also available through Barnes & Noble. Of course, you could also order from this site and I'll sign it and ship it to you!

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