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Other Summer Movies of the 80s: Krull

Released: July 29, 1983

Ken Marshall: Colwyn

Lysette Anthony: Lyssa

Freddie Jones: Ynyr

Francesca Annis: Widow of the Web

Alun Armstrong: Torquil

Screenplay by Stanford Sherman

Directed by Peter Yates

Rated PG

I wanted to see Mr. Mom.

Comedy has typically been my preferred genre. Yes, I love science fiction. Monster movies capture my imagination in a way others don't. Honestly, I like just about anything. Comedy, though, was and remains my first love. That's why when my friends and I were trying to decide what movie to see during the weekend of my 16th birthday, I suggested Mr. Mom, the Michael Keaton picture about a man who becomes a stay-at-home dad. You gotta understand that in 1983 this was a pretty high concept. For reasons I have forgotten, we opted instead for the sci-fi/fantasy film Krull.

I remember nothing of this movie. I had to look up the plot and the actors. Nothing rings a bell. Even the scene attached below fails to register in my memory. Apparently, it was the first film appearance for a young Liam Neeson. The first thing I remember seeing him in was the 1987 courtroom thriller Suspect with Cher and Dennis Quaid. Krull is movie I remember seeing not because it was good or interesting or exciting, but rather because I didn't want to be there. That's not fair to the film, but I was 16, so what do you want from me? It's hard to remember a movie that you sulked through.

I finally watched Mr. Mom on HBO a few months later at my brother's apartment. It was cool to have older brothers who their own places, especially since our house was so far out of town. I could spend a weekend with my brothers during the school year or sometimes several days during a summer week. I watched a lot of movies that way. Mr. Mom was funny and charming and I got a kick out of it. Maybe I should revisit Krull and see if I'd like it.

Fun fact: My daughter's married name is Krull.

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