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Someone Else's Book Club: Excerpt

This is an excerpt from my next novel, Someone Else's Book Club. The book is in its final revisions. More to come.


Preface to The Lizard People Next Door by Dr. Spencer Dudley

There are two kinds of people in this world: those who believe in the existence of Herpezoids and those who have yet to believe in them. Of those who believe, there are two kinds of people: those who have had direct contact with Herpezoids and those who have not had direct contact but believe the stories of those who claim to have had contact. Their cousin who wouldn’t lie to them saw one at a Shakespeare in the Park performance of King Lear or perhaps their roommate is a pizza delivery driver who was attacked by one while dropping off a large Canadian bacon and pineapple. They have no reason to doubt their roommate because they’re always on time with rent and bring home leftover pizza for D&D nights.

When we examine the category of Those Who Have Yet to Believe, we find there are three kinds of people: the ones who have not yet encountered a Herpezoid, the ones who don’t have trustworthy family or cool roommates, and the ones who are blind to what is out there. How can they not see what is happening? The truth isn’t just out there, it is right under our very noses and those who cannot see that tend to fall into four camps:

  1. They are sheep controlled by the mainstream media.

  2. They are frightened of mayonnaise.

  3. They live in the Bermuda Triangle.

  4. They, too, lack an insightful family member or roommate to provide guidance.

The question you have to ask yourself is what kind of person do you want to be? Do you want to be a free-thinking truth-seeker who isn’t afraid to take on the establishment or mayonnaise-based food products? Or do you want to keep your head in the sand, ignoring the facts that the mainstream hides from you, and getting brainwashed by social media?

Before you embark on this reading journey, determine which of the three types of people you are. Are you a Herpezoid believer? Are you an enlightened uncle? Or, are you afraid of mayonnaise?

This book is for the people who believe and aren’t afraid of mayonnaise. It is also for those who have yet to believe but want to believe. For those with no wise uncle or roommate to bring pizza and for those who live in the Bermuda Triangle, this book is also for you.

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