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300 Random Prompts: Day 11

Another entry in this month's fairly regular theme. I blindly select a random journal prompt and do a writing sprint, improvising my response.

I think it starts with parking.

Parking in the afterlife has to be a bitch, right? According to the World Population Review website, an average of 183,671 people die every day. That's a long line. Even after you find a place to park, you have to find out where to go. I imagine the afterlife must have some sort of intake process where one is informed of their final destination. The film Beetlejuice confirms this. I can't imagine the bureaucracy is efficient. No bureaucracy is. Find the right building and then the right floor in that building and then the right office on that floor. Chaos, surely.

And the paperwork! Reams of it! You don't exactly enter the afterlife with your necessary documentation and identification. All that standing and sitting in waiting rooms and lobbies. Only reruns of Hello Larry on the television.

I know this sounds like Hell, but it isn't. It's just the beginning. There's still eternity after that.

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