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300 Random Prompts: Day 4

Today's random prompt: What, in your opinion, is strength?

When I first read this prompt, I jotted down any description of strength that came to mind. Single parents. People facing financial hardship. Those who fight addiction. Children who persevere under traumatic conditions. Anyone who faces a daunting decision. Physical strength. Emotional strength. Intellectual strength.

I read the dictionary definition: 1. The quality or state of being physically strong. 2. Power to resist force. 3. Degree of potency of effect or of concentration.

I facilitate a workshop on discovering your strengths and developing them and it is always an enlightening conversation. Finding something you're naturally good at and investing in that is a concept I've completely bought into over the last several years. It has helped me with achieving success in my job, my writing, and my relationships.

Ultimately, if I could sum up my idea of strength, I'd sum it up as recognizing and fighting through your weakness to get to where you want to be. I wish I had something more profound to say about it.

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