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Blogtober 2021: Lock


There is nothing in the dark that isn't there when the lights are on.

-Rod Serling

A house can be as scary in the daytime as it is at night. Sometimes more so. The creaks and moans are the same and evoke the same apprehension. I tell ourselves it is just the house "settling" or some other lie to pacify me until the unease fades. The silence can be just as deafening in the daylight when I'm home alone. It's too still, too quiet. I want to believe that a house brightened by broad daylight is less threatening, less eerie. Safer. I still hear the noises. I still catch myself calling out and asking if someone is home. I still double-check the lock on the front door.


My initial reservations about working from home full time gave way to full and loving embrace about a week into it. The people in my office are all lovely for the most part, at least to the extent at which I know them. I don't form many close relationships, preferring to keep other humans at arm's length except for my wife and kids. My dog and cat are a different story. I never walk past my dog without petting her and I am always asking my cat how he is doing probably because I know I won't have to listen to his answer. I don't hate people. Actually, they fascinate me. They also exhaust me. A little human interaction goes a long way. I'm like a camel with water when it comes to interpersonal communication.

The best part of my work from home morning routine is the commute from the downstairs kitchen counter to the upstairs bedroom-turned-office with the adjustable sit-stand desk. No drive through rush hour traffic has given me at least an extra half an hour of sleep and I'm a better person for it. Yes. No traffic. No hustle and bustle. No waiting in line at the convenience store or drive-thru because I chose not to eat breakfast at home under the foolish guise of saving time. My space. My home. Myself.

This will be heaven on Earth.

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