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Blogtober 2023, Day 15: Ablaze

Because I could not stop for Death–

He kindly stopped for me

Emily Dickinson, Because I Could Not Stop For Death

Luke was gone. To where, no one knew nor did anyone seem to care.

“What do we do about Denise?” Spencer whispered to Glen and the man with the cardigan. “We have to get the police, right? And that means going back to town because it’s not like there are payphones in a creepy ass ghost town.”

The more he talked the more his eyes widened, ablaze with panic and fear.

“I’ll take her.” Liz stood and exhaled. “She’s my friend. We’ll put her in my car and I’ll take her.”

“What exactly are you going to say to the authorities?” The man in the cardigan asked. “Are you going to tell them a monster attacked your friend? Or will you come up with an alternative explanation?”

“We can’t just leave her here!” Liz found her voice and pointed a blood-covered finger at the man. “What did you see anyway? She pointed at you! You saw something! What are you hiding?”

“I’ve already shared what I saw and what I saw went that direction.” He once again aimed his flashlight at the back of Marshall Dunlap’s house. “Now, we have a real conundrum here. A dead body means investigations and protocols and such. We mustn’t move her.”

“What do you suggest we do?” Glen asked.

“We go into the house of your old friend and see what we find.”

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