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Blogtober 2023, Day 20: Feral

You might think there are aliens,

Those green and red slimy things.

Meriam Joseph, It’s Just In Your Mind

The high school stood stall and imposing despite being a shell of its former life that bustled with students and teachers. Glass double doors guarding the front entrance had long ago been shattered, rendering the padlock on the handles useless. A dark hall extended several feet into the building ending at an old trophy case. The man in the cardigan aimed his flashlight as he inched down the hall. His beam flashed across a photograph of the Deer Tick Creek Hobos basketball team, 1972 district champions.

“That was my senior year.” Glen pointed at the faded picture. “That’s me on the back row. Number 24. Marshall Dunlap is next to me. Lost the regional game to Current River. Marshall missed the game-winner at the buzzer. That was in the middle of all the monster sightings. People had started to leave by then. We barely had enough players for that team. It was the last year of Deer Tick Creek High School.”

“Were there a lot of monsters?” Spencer asked.

“One is a lot,” the man said. “Gentlemen, we must keep our voices down and focus on the task at hand.” He reached into his satchel and handed them each a taser-like device. “Each of you be a sport and keep those handy.”

“Is that what you used earlier?” Glen asked.

“It is not.”

An awful, feral hiss echoed down the hall.

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