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Blogtober 2023, Day 24: Deception

When you uncover the veil,

you’ll smell the pretense,

and when you think you’ve known it all,

then you’ll know you’ve known nothing

at all.

Valentine Nnebe, Masks of Deceit

The blast from the laser gun failed to provide the desired result so the man fired once more. And a third time. He grit his teeth and moved on the stumbling alien who had green goo oozing out of the three wounds inflicted by the man. The creature scrambled to retain balance and opened its mouth to release that awful hiss once more.

“I do wish you would stop with that incessant noise,” the man said and aimed his gun once more for what he hoped to be a kill shot. He was stopped by a volt of electricity piercing the small of his back and fanning out rapidly across his torso. His involuntary tremors and convulsions pushed him to his knees, his weapon dangling in his wobbly hand. He looked up for the source of this jolt. Glen stood over him with a sinister grin and holding his taser provided by the man himself.

“This worked out better than I hoped,” Glen said. “What do you think, Marshall?”

“Most definitely,” the alien sneered back. “Well played.”

“Do you think your deception is terribly surprising?” The man spoke with heavy breaths. “I knew what you were when I got here.”

Glen straightened his posture and contorted his frame. His human flesh melted into his body to reveal his alien form.

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