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Blogtober Approaches

Autumn has arrived. A subtle chill has crept into the air. The acorns are diving into our pool, reminding us we need to close it. Pumpkin spice is everywhere. Time to start wearing hoodies and sitting around bonfires roasting marshmallows. That's what people say they were ready for back in July, anyway. I've personally not attended a bonfire in at least 20 years. Time for oranges, browns, reds. Chili and stew. Football. Halloween and an eye toward the holidays.

It's also Blogtober time.

Since 2019, I've participated in an activity designed to spur creativity and remind readers that I still have a blog and website. This seems an especially important reminder this year because I will be releasing my second novel soon and this is where you'll be able to buy it. This also means coming up with clever and innovative marketing techniques such as:

Anyway, the way it works is each day in October I will post a new entry that can be no more than 250 words, though I'll allow myself some wiggle room because we live in a hellscape right now so who cares about word count, amiright? Each new entry must contain the word for the day. These entries can be whatever I want them to be, but my tradition is that each day is a mini chapter in a larger story that takes 31 days to tell.

In 2019, the Blogtober tale was set in the Corporate universe introduced in Kilroy Was Here. The 2020 and 2021 stories were of the spooky, supernatural sort and I enjoyed that because I'm not usually one to write horror. It was great fun and I wouldn't mind tackling that again.

RANDOM FACT #1: The 2019 series provides some partial background for the next novel.

RANDOM FACT #2: Random Facts were a recurring bit over at my old blog. So were Baker's Dozen Lists. I merged the two into a Baker's Dozen List of Random Facts.

I haven't decided yet what I will write for this year's Blogtober. These things usually end up being a last minute decision because I have to write *something.* The whole thing becomes an exercise in stream-of-consciousness, improvisational writing that provides me a bit of a creative thrill. So, I don't know if it'll be another spooky story for Halloween or a Corporate story to spur interest in the next book, but I can assure you, dear reader, I won't know until October 1st and I will be making it up as I go along.


1. Gloomy

2. Confront

3. Trivial

4. Dazzling

5. Anguish

6. Ambition

7. Quaint

8. Serendipity

9. Introspective

10. Brawl

11. Alluring

12. Shallow

13. Decadent

14. Vindicate

15. Patron

16. Hilarious

17. Malice

18. Enchanted

19. Celestial

20. Joyous

21. Diabolical

22. Sycophant

23. Outrageous

24. Loathsome

25. Abomination

26. Exquisite

27. Inspire

28. Delight

29. Provoke

30. Yearn

31. Captivate

See you on October 1st!

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