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Blogtober, Day 1: Gloomy

Nathan wasn’t sure what pissed him off more. The gloomy, snowy January day meant no school and this was usually good news, but his parents had strictly forbidden him from driving in this weather. This meant no going into town to see his girlfriend Jane. He was also stuck at home babysitting his little brother, Archie.

“My parents are both at work today,” Jane told him on the phone. “We’d have the house to ourselves.”

“My dad says I don’t have enough experience driving on snow,” Nathan said. “God, I hate living so far out of town.”

“We can talk on the phone all day, then.” she said and Nathan informed her he had to entertain Archie even though the little shit should be able to entertain himself at nine years old.

“I’ll call you again in a little while,” he said. “I’m gonna be so bored.” He made sure he said that loud enough for Archie to hear in the other room.

“Make me a mixtape,” she said. “I love the ones you make for me.”

Nathan spread out all of his 45s and albums, including the new Hall & Oates he got for Christmas, H2O. His first selection for this new mixtape would be “One on One,” because he’d rather be one-on-one with Jane than pretending to babysit Archie. Where was Archie, anyway. He was too quiet. Nathan called out to him.

“Where are you, brat?”

“Looking at the girl at the edge of the woods,” Archie called back.

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