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Blogtober, Day 18

Word of the day: Mirror

Tanner faced the chair and extended his arm. He aimed a black device with a meter display at the top toward the chair. Marty asked what that thing was for and Tanner talked in circles about EMFs and mgs and readings and frequencies until Marty had to either accept Tanner was an expert or a complete fraud. The only thing Marty knew was the needle flipped far into the green when pointed at that damn chair and that seemed to excite Tanner.

“Wow! Okay! We’ve got something to work with here.” He turned to Marty, eyes wild with excitement. “Definitely something going on with this chair. I’m going to get my equipment from the truck.”

Tanner jogged out, leaving Marty to eye the chair. It was the first time he had been in the dining room since Mason giggled at some unseen party sitting in it. He got a glimpse of his reflection in the mirror. His face was pale with dread. The house was far too quiet and for the first time in his life, Marty was aware that daylight can be just as frightening as night.

Tanner bounded through the front door with cases and a tripod. He set them down on the dining room floor and started working the room like a movie director. Tanner faced the chair with another contraption and started to speak.

“We will start by-” He stopped. He held his throat and gasped. The color of his face changed from red to purple.

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