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Blogtober Day 31: Captivate

A teenage girl and 9-year old boy who have been missing since 1983 were found and reunited with their parents two days ago when they appeared in the woods behind a local family’s house. Authorities say Jane Miller and Archie Taylor wandered out of the woods behind the home of Ron and Shiela Taylor Wednesday. The Taylors are the parents of Archie, who disappeared in February of 1983 under mysterious circumstances. Jane is the daughter of Marshall and Elaine Miller, both of whom passed away last year in an automobile accident.

The youths were both reported missing by their parents in 1983 after entering the woods with Archie’s older brother Nathan. The circumstances surrounding that incident have been shrouded in mystery and conspiracy theories ever since and the case captivated the area and even the nation. Authorities who appeared on the scene that day found only Nathan lying in the snow unconscious. Nothing else was found, however, and eventually the manhunt was called off. The case went cold and no new leads were ever found.

Both Archie and Jane appeared to be in excellent health and good spirits. Neither appears to have aged a day. Jane is staying with relatives while Archie was released to his parents. His brother Nathan lives in another state.

Authorities currently have no leads on the case at this time.

“We still have much to sort out,” Sheriff Mac Reynolds said at a press conference. “Obviously, we have a lot of questions.”

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