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Blogtober, Day 8

Word of the day: Light

“I thought you turned the light off in the dining room before coming to bed.”

Leslie engaged in her pre-bedtime ritual of fighting the aging process with lotion. Marty sat up in bed scrolling through a streaming service in search of a dumb movie to watch.

“I did.”

“I just came from downstairs and it was on.”

“I guess I forgot, then.” He released a protracted sigh and flipped the covers off him.

“What are you doing?” she asked.

“Going to turn the light off.” His grumbly voice was intentional for optimum effect.

“Don’t be all put out.” She walked by and patted his cheek. “I already turned it off, goofy.”

He sighed again as she crawled into her side of the bed and opened a book.

“Well, now that I’m up, I want a snack.”

She rolled her eyes because she knew talking him out of another bowl of cereal this late was not a good idea.

“Check on Mason, please,” she instructed.

Mason padded down the stairs. His internal monologue raged a debate as to whether he should have Cocoa Pebbles or Cap’n Crunch. He made his cereal, headed back to the upstairs via the dining room, passed the new corner chair there, and chuckled. Clearly Leslie wasn’t on the ball, either, since the light was still on. He carried his bedtime nourishment upstairs and stopped at Mason’s room as requested. He heard his son whispering, so he peaked in.

“Whatcha doing, buddy?” he asked.

“Just talking to my friend,” Mason answered.

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