• Jeff South

Cincinnati Chili: Freeze

Reggie Marsh, PhD.

Theoretical Chemist/Chief Research Director

One Corporate Way

Room 6.4.917

Poplar Bluff, MO 63901


Grover stared at Reggie Marsh’s employee profile for several minutes, drumming his fingers on the white laminate surface of his desk. The accompanying picture revealed a striking woman who looked to be in her mid-30s, though Grover was cautious to never openly speculate about such matters.

“Where is 6.4.917?” he asked aloud. This time he wanted to be heard. He needed answer.

“What?” Gwen asked.

“6.4.917. Where is that? I have a meeting there.” He, in fact, did not. Unless, of course, one wanted to call it a meeting with a destiny Grover was unaware awaited.

“That’s down in that empty part of the building. Way past the cafeteria. Creeps me out.” Gwen didn’t look up, apparently focused on some mind-numbing task that should’ve been automated by now.

Grover stood and marched to that creepy part of the building Gwen mentioned, took the elevator to the sixth floor and stepped off and wandered about. The eerie silence consumed him with dread and felt the need to tiptoe for some strange reason and “To Live and Die in L.A.” played in his head for an even stranger reason. He surveyed the small nameplates next to the doors that were scattered about the wide hallway. There were no windows to gawk into. A lone lithograph with the phrase ‘the day is coming when all shall now’ hung on a wall. Next to it, Grover spotted 6.4.917. He reached for his security badge in what he knew would be a failed attempt to access.


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