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Blogtober 2023

It seems another Blogtober is upon us. This is the annual blogging - I dunno, festival? blog-a-thon? - endeavor in which I and some of my writer friends post something everyday in the month of October. The posts can be whatever we want. Poetry, flash fiction, a different chapter for a month-long story. Mini essays. The only rules are that each day's entry cannot exceed 250 words (though I admit to fudging this in the past) and must include the word of the day. Last year, I wrote an alien abduction story that left people with questions. In 2021, I wrote a ghost story. 2020 was a ghost story, too. My 2019 Blogtober effort was titled "Cincinnati Chili" and was set in the same universe as my novel Kilroy Was Here. Not only did "Cincinnati Chili" serve as an inspiration for my upcoming novel, its first entry contains a grotesque typo in the title that I purposely have never corrected to remind myself never to get cocky as a writer.

My method in year's past has been to make my story up as I go, like improvisation, and see where it takes me. This has produced mixed results, I admit, but I enjoy the feeling of working without a net. 2023 will be much the same in that I will make my story up as I go but I definitely have more of an endgame than I normally do.

And the story will take place in the same universe as Kilroy Was Here and is closely tied to my upcoming novel Someone Else's Book Club. This means Herpezoids and Mulitblasters and Corporate and the like. It takes place in a fictional ghost town called Deer Tick Creek.

If you don't know what any of that means, then you need to read Kilroy Was Here. Or, for some of you, re-read.

See you here tomorrow.

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Mike Williams
Mike Williams
Oct 01, 2023


Love the uncertainty of what to call this endeavor... Blogging Festival... Bog-A-Thon...

Either way, I'm glad that Mark prevailed upon you to take this on again this year. I greatly enjoyed last year's abduction story. Looking forward to seeing how 2023's story unfolds.


Jeff South
Jeff South
Oct 02, 2023
Replying to

Thank you for the kind words, Mike!

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